System Water Analysis & Testing.

If you are not sure what condition your heating system is in, we offer a service to check it for you.

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What is System Water Analysis & Testing?

Our test equipment checks the system water for cleanliness, for suspended debris and also checks correct inhibitor levels. The inhibitors are specially designed protecting chemicals which are needed to help prevent further system corrosion, and they should be checked annually and topped up every 5 years. Following the test, we provide an emailed report detailing the current quality of the system and also provide any recommendations if required.

We are able to offer this as a separate service if required, but it comes as standard with our powerflush packages to ensure peace of mind and that the system is clean and protected following the powerflush.

We are also able to offer a more in-depth system water testing service for those who require a bit more detail on what may be causing issues within the system. These kits are then sent away to a laboratory and results are usually returned within 48 hours.

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