A powerflush is the process of using specialist equipment to increase the flow rate of water through the heating system. The increased flow helps, with the aid of chemical cleaners, to remove sludge/debris from the heating system, increasing system efficiency and prolonging component lifespan.

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What is a powerflush?

There are usually a few signs that the central heating system requires cleaning, some can be easily diagnosed by the homeowner and some will require a professional opinion. If you are in any doubt, please contact us and we are happy to provide a free, no obligation quotation.

If your central heating radiators have any cold areas whilst the heating is on, either at the top or the bottom, this is usually a sign that corrosion has taken place within the system and treatment will be required.

Cold areas at the top of a radiator usually indicate a build up of gas within the system. Sometimes this can be air and a quick bleed of the radiator will remove this and cause no further issues, but sometimes this gas can be hydrogen which is the by-product of corrosion within the heating system. If the system frequently needs venting, either there is a small leak on the system drawing in air, or corrosion is constantly happening within the system and this will then need to be assessed.

Cold areas at the bottom of the radiators usually indicate a build up of sludge/debris within the system. As the middle of the radiators tend to be low-flow areas, the debris settles there and over time accumulates to block the lower part of the radiator causing cold areas. If left untreated for long periods of time, the debris will also begin to accumulate in the radiator valves and pipework. When this happens it can, in severe circumstances, cause the whole radiator to be blocked and may require pipework and/or radiator replacement.

Thermal Imaging

We utilise thermal imaging cameras to help identify cold areas in radiators & pipework.

Before PowerflushBefore Powerflush

This shows the same radiators heat signature before and after powerflushing. We use one of the most effective and powerful flushing machines on the market, the Norstrom Professional, to move the cleaning chemicals around the system quickly & efficiently. We are able to flush systems containing up to 40 radiators in properties up to 3 stories high. This covers the vast majority of domestic properties in the UK.

Whatever type of heating system you have, we are able to flush it.

Water tanks in the loft (for heating & hot water) – these systems are typically older installations and as the system is continually open to atmosphere, if they have not been treated correctly over the years, they tend to have large amounts of corroded material moving around the system before it finds somewhere to settle. This can include the boiler, the circulation pump, the motorised valves, radiators and radiator valves.

The heating system is pressurised and usually has an unvented hot water cylinder. There are also often external motorised valves to control the heating & hot water. Main areas where products of corrosion commonly accumulate are the boiler, motorised valves, radiators, and radiator valves.

The boiler operates both the heating & hot water for the property. There is an internal pump and divertor valve that switches between heating and hot water. As well as the build up of debris in the heating system, the debris can also affect the hot water heat exchanger in these types of boilers, reducing the performance of the hot water. Radiators and radiator valves can also be places where the corrosion products accumulate.

How Does It Work?

If a powerflush is required, we connect our equipment on to the heating system (usually in place of the existing pump) and circulate our cleaning chemicals around the system to lift the debris from the radiators and pipework. Whilst the machine is in operation, our in-built magnets remove the suspended debris from the water, keeping it in our machine ready for removal at the end of the flush. This water saving process ensures that we do not continually dump the dirty water out of the system and refill with clean water every time (this saves approx. 100-200 litres per flush).

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