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These are the front line of the heating system and tend to be stuck on the wall, behind furniture and not usually given a second thought until they go wrong! One of the first signs there may be issues within the heating system is when these white panels fail to heat correctly. There can be a few reasons for this – faulty valves, air in the system, or debris/sludge build up causing the lower part of the radiator to not heat correctly.

Most of these issues can be easily rectified, but if the radiator panel is looking worn, rusty, or the paint is chipped then it may be worth replacing it with a brand-new panel.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

These valves help to regulate the temperature in each room, they operate by opening & closing the valve when the room temperature changes. This helps to reduce excess heat being pumped into radiators in rooms which are already at the desired temperature.

Magnetic Filters

These devices are a clever bit of kit and can help to protect your central heating boiler from future water quality issues by collecting & removing the debris from the system water and holding it within the filter’s body. They are usually installed on the heating return pipe by the boiler to ensure they catch as much debris as possible before it gets into the boiler and back into the system. These should be cleaned annually to remove the debris – this is very simple, and we can show you how to do this to achieve maximum efficiency, or they can be cleaned by your Gas Safe engineer as part of your annual boiler service.

Heating Controls & Programmers

There are many different controls on the market now, some boiler manufacturers recommend that you use their own controls with their boilers (and this can sometimes give longer warranties). Smartphone controlled units are also available for installation. These require the controller to have internet access to function correctly, and so may not be suitable for all users, although they tend to offer the user greater flexibility with the heating & hot water controls.

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