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Welcome to Maxflush Limited, the powerflushing professional. Based in the Bristol area, our engineer has over 15 years’ experience within the powerflushing industry, working for manufacturers of the powerflushing machines as well as the makers of the central heating cleaning chemicals. This experience allows us to utilise the latest equipment on the market to its full potential, and this ensures we provide the very best service to our customers.

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During Barry’s career he has spent nearly 10 years at Fernox, one of the early pioneers of central heating chemicals & powerflushing in the UK as well as 4 years at Danfoss – a central heating controls manufacturer. More recently – up until the start of the pandemic – he worked for Norstrom Proflush – the manufacturer of the UKs premium powerflushing machines. Maxflush was established in June 2020 and since then we have helped many homeowners with their heating issues.


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As a small local business our reputation is everything. We pride ourselves on delivering a premium service at a reasonable price to all our clients and vow never to carry out any unnecessary work. We use the latest technology – magnetic filters & thermal imaging cameras – to ensure a thorough system clean and also provide a detailed report after the flush.

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