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Our engineer has over 15 years experience in the powerflushing industry, and we utilise the latest equipment on the market to ensure we provide the very best service to our customers.

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Our company’s aim is to develop strong relationships with all of our customers by offering a friendly and reliable service.

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Maxflush Limited, the powerflushing professional. Based in the Bristol area, our engineer has over 15 years’ experience within the powerflushing industry, working for manufacturers of the powerflushing machines as well as the makers of the central heating cleaning chemicals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A powerflush is a specialised technique, utilising specialised equipment, to clean the inside of central heating systems, including radiators, boiler, pipework & hot water coil (if present). A powerflushing machine is connected to the heating system and then pumps the cleaning chemicals and water around the system to clean and remove debris/sludge.

This will depend upon a number of factors, but the 2 main to consider are number of radiators and condition of the existing system. Most systems, up to 10 radiators, can be cleaned in around 5-6 hours. Larger systems require more flushing time, we can usually flush up to 18 radiators in one working day.

Any system size can be powerflushed, our equipment is able to flush systems from 4 radiators all the way up to 40 radiators, over 3 floors.

Different heating system types

  • Pressurised heating system – either combi or system boiler
  • Open vented heating system – hot water cylinder and water tanks in loft
Powerflushing does not increase the system pressure, it works on flow rate – increasing the rate water flows through the system to dislodge and remove debris/sludge. Most central heating pumps operate at around 12/14 litres per minute, our equipment is able to operate at around 150 litres per min. The increased flow rate helps to move the debris from the low-flow areas and into the machine for removal.

As powerflushing does not increase the pressure in the system it wont directly cause any issues within your system, what may happen is that when debris is cleaned out of the system, the debris may have been the only barrier holding back water in a weak spot. Our engineer will fully explain all risks on your system, and if any weak spots are noticed, we will rectify while on site.

No, the machine we use is self-contained. We usually connect to the system via either the pump or magnetic filter, then our machine pumps the cleaner around the system and eventually out to a drain.

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